Redscale was excited to be involved with the first ever BREW & BLEND Festival which took place on April 4th and April 5th. BREW & BLEND is the first public event in China that fuses coffee culture and creative experiences. The festival brought together unique artists, young baristas, lifestyle innovators and open minded creators from close and afar for the two day get-together. BREW & BLEND aims to  “represent the emerging creativity from this city and beyond, a place to present new lifestyle concepts, multi-media arts and a pioneer of original cross-border collaborations.”

It was the largest event hosted at M50 to date and included contemporary art ‘interactions’, workshops, activities, live entertainment, and food and drink stalls. Some famous guests included painter Lu Xinjian, installation artist Tobias Rosenberger and Hu Renyi, contemporary dancer Nunu Kong and graffiti talent The Orange Blowfish. Brands including AirBnB and TOMS also came to exhibit their creative approach to travel, and conscientious approach to fashion respectively. Redscale Studios provided film instillations for the event.