As the official video partner for Guinness’ More Music series, we were delighted to meet and film Liu Dongming last month at Yuyintang. It was a great show with a lovely relaxed atmosphere, suited to his music. The video from that concert can be seen here on our Vimeo channel. We are very much looking forward to filming the next show: Hao Yun on October 18th at QSW 浅水湾 Culture Space, Shanghai.作为健力士新声代音乐系列活动的正式合作伙伴,红司工作室十分高兴认识并在育音堂拍摄刘东明。当晚的表演营造了轻松的氛围,与他的音乐十分呼应。音乐会的视频可以在 here查看。我们十分期待拍摄下一场演出: 10月18日在上海浅水湾文化艺术中心郝云的演出。