On Saturday April 25th Shanghai’s M50 art district will host a one night audiovisual performance featuring NAHASH and SLATE Contemporary Dance Company with Pan Daijing and Carmen Ho.


Nahash (Tina Blakeney and Raphael Valensi) has recorded a string of EPs on their Huashan Label which have been described as “getting darker every time”. A mix of thundering drums, analogue synths and field recording combine to create a surreal and unnerving soundscape.

The visual and sound work in response and reaction to each other, created and manipulated live.

In this performance, abandoned 16mm film is mixed with handmade & hand painted film to create a montage of archival footage, lost films and textural experiments. Tina Blakeney collects discarded 16mm film reels, re-editing found footage to create a surreal film collage. She also works directly on the film strip, painting, scratching and drawing on to the celluloid to create wild abstract landscapes. These “lost films”with out name or narrative, are reappropriated into new elaborate chronologies.


A multi-media performance, with visual elements by Carmen Ho, sound by Pan Daijing and SLATE contemporary Dance Company. Choreographed by company member Anneliese Charek and accompanied by a live set by Pan Daijing. The artists involved in the collaboration will explore the themes of dreams and personal pasts to create an immersive experience. The performance will feature dancers; Corine Englander, Ramsey Dewey, Yun Cheng and Anneliese Charek and will meld together experimental sound, dance, and a visual interpretation of the themes through elements of multi-media.